KASFAA Wanted Poster 091114

One last reminder that the Early Registration Rate for KASFAA’s Fall 2014 Conference, ‘KASFAA on the Range!’, ENDS on the 15th. After that there will be an late fee of $25 – Giddy-up and Register Today!

(The Special Bunkhouse Rate Ends 9/24!)

Also the Entertainment Committee would like to know if y’all have any of the following lyin’ around that they could use…

7-8 Stick Horses

7-8 Nerf Guns

4 Hula Hoops (yes cowfolk like to play with hula hoops once in a while!) and.. please bring your favorite Card/Board Games!

Please let Dianna Bunker (Bunkerd@hutchcc.edu) or La’Lisa Coley (Coleyl@hutchcc.edu) know if you have these items we can borrow. Thank you!

For more info (and those prudy pictures) visit KASFAA’s Blog — WHAT???? Don’t tell me you haven’t signed up to be a part of the blog yet?!?!?! It’s real simple – Go to http://kasfaa.wordpress.com/, enter your email address on the right hand side and hit “Follow”. An email will be sent to you to “Confirm Follow” and by gum – you are now part of the blog!

or KASFAAs Facebook Page — LIKE us too!

or KASFAAs Website at www.KASFAA.org

Golly that’s a lot of places to find out about the excellent conference training opportunities!

Looking forward to seeing you in Dodge!

~The Registration Committee

Tisha, Tricia and Danielle

Cowboy Wisdom: ‘When you throw dirt, you lose ground.’ – Texan Proverb

Election time!

It’s time to cast your vote for President Elect, Vice-President, and Secretary of KASFAA

To vote go to:


On that page you can review the candidate photos or
proceed directly to the ballot by clicking
the “Proceed to Voting” link.

You will be asked for your Username and Password.
Please note that these are case sensitive. Copying and
pasting is the best way to enter the data. After you login,
you will receive your electronic ballot.

Read the instructions carefully. You may only vote once.
Review your ballot before submitting. All votes are final.

The election will close on September 25 at
5:00 PM. Your participation is appreciated!

If you experience any technical problems during this process,
please contact support@kasfaa.org.

Tony Lubbers Awarded 2014 Jan LaFever Award

2014 Jan LaFever Recipient Tony Lubbers

Tony Lubbers

Tony Lubbers, Interim Director of Financial Aid and KASFAA Past President, was awarded the 2014 Jan LaFever Award for Adjunct Teaching at Friends University.  The Jan LaFever Award for Adjunct Teaching honors an individual who has taught for at least one year and has shown extraordinary service to Friends University.

Tony Lubbers, this year’s award recipient, has been a member of the University community for 18 years in both an adjunct faculty and professional staff role.  Described as enthusiastic. interesting, and entertaining, Tony makes a sometimes dry subject like history come to life for adult students.  Not only do his students think about his courses long after they finish, but their academic success in his classroom encourages them to stay in school.  One of his students said, “I was reluctant to go back to school after 20-plus years, but after taking his course, I was convinced I was doing the right thing.”  When he is not teaching for being the assistant director of Financial Aid [currently Interim Director], Tony enjoys running, Saturday morning wrestling sessions with his dogs, and volunteering.  Excerpted from the 2014 Faculty View Book, Friends University.

This is Tony’s second time to be awarded the Jan LaFever Award.  He also received this award in 2007.  Congratulations Tony!

KASFAA Member Profile – Tammy Higgins

100_3461 (2)

What school do you work for: Pittsburg State University

How long have you been with your current school: In total, 12 years, 5 years as Director

Tell us in one sentence what you do for the Financial Aid Team: I try to keep all the balls in the air at the same time.

What are you most looking forward to as a KASFAA Member: Professional Growth, both in the industry, and in our organization

Where did you get your undergrad: Missouri Southern State College (now University); and my Masters at Pitt State.

What three words would you use to describe yourself: Creative, Fun-loving, and Curious

Outside of work, what do you like to do for fun: Laugh with my friends and family, travel when I can, and paper crafting.

What might someone be surprised to know about you: I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland twice, and yet still don’t seem to have the “Gift of Eloquent Speech”.

Who’s your favorite Superhero: Tie between Wonder Woman (because she’s a good example of being strong and feminine) and Thor (he’s my version of a Gentleman- he has great Honor – oh, he’s nice to look at, too.)

The best thing about Kansas is: We are blessed to live in a beautiful state, which has so many colors, (the green corn and the golden wheat in the fields; and the beautiful red leaves on the oaks in the fall, etc.),  but the people remain humble and kind.  We are good neighbors and good friends to strangers.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring with you: my family to talk/argue with (they count as one, right?); the Good book to read; and a beach towel (multi-purpose uses)