Monitor Cohort Default Rates Year Round

Monitor Cohort Default Rates Year Round

Inceptia’s Free Cohort Default Rate Reporting Tool Provides Real-Time Data

Sue Downing


As financial aid administrators process the impact of their newly released 2- and 3-year cohort default rates from the U.S. Department of Education, Inceptia is making its proprietary Cohort Activity Report freely available to any school that wants to monitor their default rate.

Administrators can use this report to receive updated data on open cohort default years and monitor borrowers so that they can actively help student borrowers while lowering their default rate.

“The Cohort Activity Report gives schools the power to see what’s happening right now with their borrowers,” said Dave Macoubrie, Inceptia vice president of repayment solutions. “By proactively addressing the cohort of student defaulters, they can take steps to remove them from the list and make a positive impact on the trajectory of their school’s cohort default rate helping to save those student borrowers from default.”

Sign up for the Cohort Activity Report by visiting

Once registered, upload your School Portfolio report to the Cohort Activity Report system. The data from the School Portfolio report will be analyzed and organized into a simplified report for you to gain updated insights in real time.

This report can be used to monitor:

  • number of borrowers in repayment
  • number of borrowers in default
  • impact one default borrower has on their rate
  • number of rescued borrowers needed to reduce the rate by one percent
  • open and closed cohort year comparison data

You may also download a list of loan details on each defaulted borrower.

With cohort default rates on the rise, schools need to proactively monitor cohort default rates year round in order to gain the knowledge required to lower their rate and help student borrowers. The details in this report can help you closely monitor default borrowers so that you can proactively work to correct defaulted loans prior to closing years.

“We want to show every school the impact they can have on their rate, simply by lowering it by even one percentage point,” Macoubrie said. “For some institutions, that may be as few as five borrowers. But lowering the rate over time can have a significant impact on a school and is good for student borrowers.”


Inceptia, a division of National Student Loan Program (NSLP), is a non-profit organization providing premier expertise in default prevention and financial education. Since 1986, we have helped more than two million students achieve their higher education dreams at 5,500 schools nationwide. Annually, Inceptia assists more than 150,000 delinquent borrowers in repaying their student loans. By using practical tools of cohort analysis, financial education and repayment outreach, Inceptia educates students on responsible personal finances and loan repayment counseling and provides default prevention strategies and services to schools. More information at


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