Summer Institute Recap

Written by Summer Bond, SI Scholarship Recipient

The jungle was definitely alive at the 2017 RMASFAA Summer Institute that took place June 11-16, 2017 at Colorado School of the Mines in Golden, CO. There was a lot learned, some competition, and all done with a sense of fun and comradery. The coordinators of the event knew how to use a theme as each group was divided into different animal/color groups by knowledge and career aspirations.

It was my pleasure to be part of the Toucans/Orange group and Jeffrey Jacobs, Director Financial and Scholarships at North Dakota State University, and Laurie Weber, Financial Aid Director at Minot State University led our training throughout the week. We covered many topics that included Student Eligibility, Verification, and Cost of Attendance.

Each group had two NASFAA credentialing opportunities and in my group, the credentialing for Need Analysis and Professional Judgment were offered. The conversation that surrounded all the topics were very engaging, but I found the discussion that surrounded the “What Directors Do/Leadership” topic to be of great interest. Our discussion leaders were very giving as they shared what they had learned throughout their years of experience, having dealt with many different types of individuals throughout their careers.

The RMASFAA Summer Institute was a great experience. Staying in the dorms brought back memories of my own undergraduate days. I cannot thank KASFAA enough for allowing me the opportunity to attend this event under the Summer Institute Scholarship and would like to encourage individuals to attend if they have the opportunity. You will not be disappointed.


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