KASFAA President Update

By: Nathan Buche, KASFAA President

Before the update of a couple of items I wanted to thank Kansas for successfully representing our State at RMASFAA in October as it was great to walk around and run into many colleagues.   I want to take this opportunity to update everyone on the happenings of what has been going on in KASFAA.  We have had 2 successful board meetings where we have accomplished a lot and worked on many projects.

Some of the projects we have undertaken are re-evaluation of financial policies and process and the development of a Drive through training process. 1st, we have met with a financial consultant that helped us to better understand what we needed as an association in regards to firming up policies and developing new policies and process.  Going forward one of the recommendations was to develop succession planning in our treasurer and finance committee.  So starting the fall of 18 we will be electing a treasurer elect that would then become a treasurer and then finance committee chair.  We felt this would be help with continuity and the management of our funds.

Our 2nd major plan we have under taken is the development of the Drive Through Training model.  Many states around Kansas have gone to this model of training from a 2 conference scenario.  We understand that budgets are getting smaller and there are less dollars going around in order to send offices to the 2 trainings.  The drive through training will be based off of the NASFAA U Credentialing that is available.  We will have multiple sites throughout the state were your office can receive training and have some networking.  We will pick topics based on availability of trainers and site locations, we do plan to charge a nominal fee in order to participate but this cost will not be near what you would have paid to attend a fall conference which normally was in the $75 range per person.  You may now be looking at sending 2-3 to a training for that $75 and saving costs by not having hotel expenses.  We would anticipate that these trainings would take anywhere from 4-6 possible 7 hours to complete.  After training you would take the credentialing test at no extra cost.    This also will allow us to go to sites we may not have been able to go to in the past due to hotel availability or needing many rooms in order to put on trainings.  I will put this out for my friends out West and those in the Southeast please make plans to try to host a training.

I know the ending of the fall conference will have many mixed emotions from our dedicated and loyal members but I feel this is the best way going to forward to get the most members involved while also giving your strained budgets a break and the “how am I going to send everyone” to conference. The Executive Board did reach out and survey the membership and we had a lot of positive feedback to move to this training method.  I know the board would have preferred to survey every member we have but with 7 Executive members and our time limited as it was we did survey about 80 people and made the conclusion to move forward with this change.

In the very near future if you have not already, you will hear from Sara Vancil our President Elect and she is soliciting information from the membership as we move forward with the next SLRP, Strategic Long Range Plan. The board greatly wants all members input about where you think we need to go moving forward to 2022.  Please take the time to give some serious thought to our SLRP and help the board shape the future of your organization.

I would like to thank you all for allowing me to serve as your President this year and look forward to the next 6 months as we begin working to Spring Conference and hope to see everyone in Overland Park.


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