February is Financial Aid Month

by Kimberly Cashman

February is Financial Aid Awareness month…What are you doing to help support the cause?

January has seen many things: weird weather patterns that go from blowing snow to sunny skies within a day or two, the end of Winter Break and the return of students, and record numbers of illness in Kansas. Despite these obstacles that we all have experienced over the course of the last month, there is a bright spot coming. February is Financial Aid Awareness month and the Government Relations committee and KASFAA has a question…

What are you and/or your institution doing to help promote financial aid awareness this month?

To help you answer this question, I can tell you what the Government Relations committee has been up to and what my institution (Cloud County Community College) is planning.

  • Since the end of October, the Government Relations committee has been working towards obtaining the proclamation of the Kansas governor to declare February Financial Aid Awareness month in Kansas. On January 26th, members of KASFAA went to Topeka and was present during the signing of the proclamation by Governor Brownback.
  • Our committee will also be working on several blog posts that will debut during the month of February to give all financial aid administrators advice on where to go for updates or advice within the KASFAA, RMASFAA, and NASFAA.
  • Here at Cloud, our office will kick off financial aid awareness by presenting useful information to student enrolled in our College Skills course on February 1st. This presentation will help give guidance on what information is necessary to complete the FAFSA, what funds are available, and how Financial Aid funds work and are awarded/disbursed in relation to other funds such as athletic and foundation scholarships.
  • For the rest of the month, our office will be working towards making 2 contacts to our local state and federal representatives to help bring further awareness and call to action changes that should be made to help the field advance.

Hopefully these events help give you some direction on what you and/or your office can do to help bring awareness to Financial Aid during the month of February. If you and/or your institution have events or actions planned for the month of February to help bring awareness to Financial Aid, please do share these actions on the listserv by emailing finaid-l@lists.psu.edu and using the heading/subject Financial Aid Awareness Activity/Event. These recorded and combined efforts can help show our government representatives that we are a community dedicated to our work, our students, and our institutions and are a force to be reckoned with when we come together!


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