New Website Up!

By: Diana VanDyke

The new website is up! We tried to simplify some of the paths to make it easier to find what you are looking for. The main page was also revamped to give instant access to The Oz-Sociated Press and events Calendar. We have also added advertising to allow our vendors the opportunity to have a presence on our website. The other major change is the rolling pictures at the bottom of the page. Those are campus pictures from every member college!

Kudos to the Website Task Force that started the process rolling and the Electronic Resource Committee and the Training Committee as well as the board for your help with figuring out what changes needed to be made and getting the information together. And a big Thank You to Paula and ATAC for converting our ideas into reality. You all made a spectacular website!

Now is your time to jump out on the website and get familiar with the AWESOME, REMARKABLE, MONUMENTAL, MIND BLOWING changes! Visit the website at


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