Whatever Happened to…ep.2

Next in the series by

Keith Fitzsimmons,

Cub Reporter, KASFAA Blog

I left Friends University just after Labor Day in 2017 after 21 years and moved to Warrensburg, MO to be the Director of Student Financial Assistance at the University of Central Missouri.  I moved up here in September and Shawn joined me three months later when we moved into our new home.  The funny thing about the home buying: I was in charge of it.  She had not seen our new home except in online pictures so it was quite an exciting time for her (and stressful for me: what if she hated it?)  While this move was a stressful one (don’t let anybody tell you different:  moving sucks!), Shawn and I managed to get moved into a home just before Christmas 2017.  In 2019, we will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary and have booked a trip to Paris in June.  We are excited about this trip and about renewing our vows after 25 years.

While I have struggled making the leap from a private, four year institution to a public, four year institution, many things remained familiar to me: budget cuts, down-sizing of staff, etc.  I am also working to understand the Gainful Employment regulations as they are trying to implement that here.  Yay…(note the sarcastic tone in that “Yay”)  They have a great bunch of people in the Financial Aid Office (and outside of Financial Aid) who I enjoy working with.  I am also making new friends in the Missouri Association, while staying in contact with my KASFAA family.  Fortunately, I didn’t wait 9 years to volunteer to chair a committee here like I did in KASFAA!  I will be chairing the Legislative Committee for 2019 and look forward to the job.  I wish everyone well in KASFAA in this new year and hope to see y’all in the near future!

Take care,

Tony Lubbers

Tony Lubbers lubbers@ucmo.edu


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