Summer Institute Can Get A Little Squirrelly

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I didn’t really know what to expect from summer institute. It is a week full of a lot of learning where at times your brain is on overload. But I learned so much. Every day I got to go to a class with two really great instructors and a really good group of classmates.  The topics and lessons we went over were really helpful and I constantly was going ok great we do that or hmm I should look into that. And even outside the classroom just getting to have conversations with people from other schools. Seeing how they do their processes and talking to people that understand the awesome craziness that is financial aid. 

And it was really great to have this opportunity while surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Even if it took me all week to adjust to the crazy altitude.

The other person in the photos is my coworker Emily Engler. And I of course had to include a couple photos of the squirrels. They were very friendly and would come right up to your feet.

Jaimie Luse

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