Meet the Board Members: Teresa Axton in Action

Grab a seat and a yummy beverage and let’s get to know Teresa.

As a seasoned veteran within the financial aid industry, what has impacted you the most about this profession and what has changed the most within the profession?

With 27 years in the Collection side of Financial Services I am more involved with the student accounts verses Financial Aid so I can’t speak of any impact. However I can say that over the years the students repeat a lot of the same mistakes and appeal more of their debt or ask for a settlement not realizing that this is not an option.

What and/or who placed you in the financial aid industry? Was this your career path?

This was not a career path I had chosen, I worked in the Medical arena for a number of years before moving into my current role.  My boss and I formed a relationship when our boys were younger playing T-Ball and felt I would be an asset to the sales team. I thought outsider the box and starting approaching Colleges and Universities as part of our client base.

How would you tell new people within this profession to approach their tasks, jobs and career?

Have fun, keep an open mind, and think outside the box. Put yourself in the roll of the student and be mindful of their struggles starting out in this new path they are taking. Sometimes we forget that they may not have someone to guide them in the beginning. Customer services and compassion go a long way.

Within this industry have you had any mentors, who were they if you’d like to say, and what did they tell you as you were beginning your career path in Financial Aid?

I can’t say I had any mentor but I have made lifelong friends in the industry through my association with groups like KASFAA

How do you see this profession in 5 years? 10 years?

I don’t think I could make any predictions

How do you pass the time, when/if there is a lull?

Time with family and friends.

Who do you admire most? Personally, professionally, and/or globally? Choose one or answer all three…

Professionally I would have to say Keith Fitsimmons. From the first phone call he made to me to everything in between. I admired his compassion for his job and the students, his positive approach to EVERYTHING and his public show of love and affection for his wife. He inspires me to be a better person.

What do you dislike doing? Professionally or personally or both?

Confrontation of any kind.

What do you like to do in your free time, either Indoors or Outdoors?

Reading, fishing and spending time with my Grandkids

What gets you excited about life?

That’s a hard one I would have to think about that for a bit. The last year my life has been upside down so what use to be true before has changed.

What’s your favorite time of day?

Late evening siting on my patio.

Anything exciting you’d like to share….

Life is short live your dreams now

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