Our annual election is here, KASFAA!

All KASFAA members are voting members.  You should have received an email from ATAC, our website provider, with instructions on how to go vote.  Please note that because our Associate Member Delegate position is a two-year position, we are not electing anyone in that role this year.  Therefore, if you are an associate member, you will not be voting this year.

We have four officer positions on the ballot this year.  Those elected will be inducted at the spring conference in Topeka in April 2020.

President-Elect – This is a three-year position as President-Elect, President, and Past President.  The President-Elect serves as the co-chair of the conference planning committee and also will attend the NASFAA Leadership & Legislative Expo.

Vice-President – The VP serves as the co-chair of the conference planning committee, responsible for arranging for all programming and speakers.

Secretary – This role attends all board meetings and the annual business meetings, keeping records of the Association.

Treasurer-Elect – This is a three year position as Treasurer-Elect, Treasurer, and Chair of the Finance committee.  In the first year, this person will be in training with the Treasurer and slowly take over duties throughout the year.  The Treasurer-Elect will also attend the NASFAA Leadership & Legislative Expo.


  • President-Elect
    Kimberly Cashman
    Diana VanDyke
  • Vice President
    Kristi Blevins
    Sadonia Lane
  • Secretary
    Melinda Harrington
    Gail Sherron
  • Treasurer
    Angie Zeorlin


I want to thank everyone who agreed to run and those who have also said they will be willing to run in the future.  It takes a lot of us to make this organization work!  Now, go vote!  The ballot closes on October 11.

Sara Vancil
Past President
Chair, Association Governance

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