Just when you think the water’s safe…

By Keith Fitzsimmons

Cub Reporter

So it’s 7:30am on this Monday morning and I’m just about ready to walk out the door to the office. Yes, it’s true, the KU Med Center STILL can’t get along without me (he says sheepishly). Actually we’re throwing the switch on a new system this morning and even after 30+ years, it’s still exciting.

I get a text from Kelli Lowe of Credit World Services. Thinking it was about Bruce’s funeral or maybe the family wanting me to say something at the services, I almost let it go to save and would check it out at the office. Yet something told me to just call Kelli.  After a brief greeting, Kelli told me that our long time friend and colleague Todd Chappel had lost his ongoing  battle with lung cancer and had died at home last night. Yes, I had to pause for a bit too. Those of us long time KASFAA Fiscal Folks have known Todd for years and enjoyed his goofy sense of humor, his wedding and the new babies. We also  suffered with him over personal things such as moving away from the family business to  the loss of his mom (Shirley Chappel).

Todd was quite the go getter and chip off Shirley’s block. From his compassion and work habits to his horrible driving, this young 50ish guy will be sorely missed.  Funeral details will be passed on for both Todd and Bruce as they arrive.

Please keep Bruce and Todd’s families in your thoughts and prayers. Also Kelli from Credit World. She has been through so much yet continues on like the trooper she is.

So don’t test the waters when it comes to your family. Hugs and kisses to loved ones should be an everyday event.


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