Another Side of Keith Fitzsimmons

By Keith Fitzsimmons, KASFAA Cub Reporter

Goodbye and Hello.

It’s hard to say goodbye. Be it off to school, work, or most anything else, it’s still hard. Not so much when a return is anticipated. My dear wife Laura will go to the grocery store or to work at church and I miss her while she is gone. The critters and I all jump when we hear the garage door buzzer go off letting us know Mom’s home.  We all run to the door to help her carry stuff in. And there is ALWAYS stuff to carry. 

Long term goodbyes are harder. When I shipped out with the Army back in 1972, that was hard for me and my family. Same when I transferred to Germany for six years.

Goodbyes from moving, new job and such are hard, but a connection is there that can be nurtured for years. I’m still in touch with some high school friends, Army buddies, K-State friends… 

October has been a month of goodbyes for me. Long term with the loss of Bruce Lopez and Todd Chappel were especially tough.

But I had a short term goodbye that we ,in the dog fostering world, call a success. Oakley came to us on a Monday and was placed on Friday. Not a surprise as we knew that little brown Lab mix cutie was not going to last long with her wonderful personality.  Sure enough, first call took her. 

Dog fostering is a whole different world. It’s hard to say goodbye to a now family member. Very hard sometimes. But for every hard goodbye we had with Emogene, Foxy, Sandy, Gracie… we had another opening for the next rescue. Happy endings help to make for unhappy beginnings. 

So Lucy the Border Collie foster and I said Goodbye to Oakley and are ready for a Hello to a new family member. 

Keith Fitzsimmons & his dear wife Laura have been fostering dogs for years in Overland Park.



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