Employee Spotlight – Lisa Arnold

Lisa is the Senior Accountant for Student Accounting at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

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What brought you to Financial Aid?

I was moving from Olathe, KS to Manhattan, KS. An opportunity at Kansas State University came up and I jumped on it! After what I thought was an awful interview, I received a call from Jim Badders and Jim Keating and was offered the position! Of course, I said yes to my alma mater (#EMAW)! Fast forward seven years, when I moved back to the Kansas City area, and Keith Fitzsimmons interviewed me for my current position and made me cry! [He told me to] Trust and believe; I’ve never let him live that down!

What do you like about it?

The flexibility and the variety. Coming from automotive collections, it was always “you need to pay this TODAY.” In the FA world, we’re able to provide students, parents, and departments on campus with options. I’ve found this to be very rewarding! Getting a “thank you” goes a long way!

How long have you worked in FA?

About 12 years! How is that even possible?!

Where have you worked prior?

Prior to K-State, where I did very similar work in the Cashier’s Office for almost seven years, I worked at Chrysler Financial in Overland Park, KS.

Tell us a little about you on a personal level:

I love travelling, reading (anything by James Patterson), and photography! Spending time with my family and friends is a MUST – that and my 12-year-old Miniature Dachshund, Buddy, who I got from the Helping Hands Humane Society 10 years ago!

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