Holiday Shopping for Kansas Products

By Keith Fitzsimmons

Cub Reporter

So I’m putting away the Halloween decorations between long leaf raking bouts and now the house is full of stuff for the next big celebration: Christmas Catalogs. Yes, Tom Turkey gets a few days in the spotlight as the honored guest at the dinner table, but many folks already have holidays on the mind.  Which of course means holiday shopping. Retailers love it as no matter what you call this time of year; if gift giving is involved, they are ready to serve.

For the last few years, my dear wife Laura and I have been sending Kansas gifts to family and friends. We are members of The Kansas Explorers Club; a group dedicated to promoting commerce and travel in Kansas and thought why not?  We have been on journeys around the state and have seen some of the strangest and most wonderful things in our great state.  Just ask me about the Outhouse Tour in Elk Falls sometime (24th annual November 22-23, 2019).

Anyway, the Kansas Sampler Foundation has put together a catalog of sorts featuring scores of Kansas based businesses. This source of unique gifts may be something of interest to you. Everything from Pork Rinds in Bronson to Fishing Lures in Herington, to Cattle Drives in Cedar Point, you will find just about everything you can imagine and several you never knew existed.

So check out the link below and get shopping. Naturally I can’t promote any specific business, but wouldn’t your Aunt Minnie in Sheboygan love some Goat Milk Soap from Ottawa, Kansas? Or Toffee from Modoc?

Happy Thanksgiving. Then shop till you drop.

Kansas Sample Foundation

The annual shopping list of Kansas products is a courtesy of the Inman-based Kansas Sampler Foundation. We hope this makes your holiday shopping easier and more enjoyable! The mission of the Kansas Sampler Foundation is to preserve and sustain rural culture and supporting these independently-owned businesses is part of that. Happy shopping!

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