Meet the Committee – KASFAA Fiscal Officers Committee

Fiscal Officers Committee

The Fiscal Officers Committee is responsible for the flow of information to the membership at large regarding the fiscal responsibilities of the financial aid process. It also provides networking for problem solving of common issues and training opportunities.

  • Deborah Rollf, Chair
  • Accountant
  • University of Kansas
  • Years with KASFAA: 11 but only started branching out within it in the last 2 or 3 years

Years in job position: 10 doing collections but I’ve been in the same office for 22 ½ years doing a variety of things. I started as a cashier, moved on to doing back room accounting type stuff, managed the cashiering area, and took over collections when our collections person retired.

Why I joined the committee: Hmmm. Someone named Keith Fitzsimmons thought it would be a good idea! Plus, it’s a good experience and a way to network.


  • Denise Varrientos, Co-Chair
  • Director, Business Office
  • Wichita State University-Campus of Applied Sciences and Technology
  • Years with KASFAA: 7 years
  • Years in job position: 7 years

Why I joined the committee: I joined the committee to help represent the business office folks at the KASFAA conference. I wanted to be able to make suggestions for presentations on subjects that would be beneficial for my job. I also hoped that if we came up with some new speakers for the fiscal track, we would increase attendance.

This year I helped with getting speakers for the Spring Conference. It was actually much easier than I had hoped. All they can do is say no, right? We’ve had conference phone meetings and follow up emails. All in all, being on the committee has not been that much of a time commitment and I’ve gotten to know some of the folks in KASFAA.

A bit more: A little about me. I worked in the medical field for 24 years. The first 13 years was with an insurance company, the last 11 as Office Administrator for a group of physicians. Coming to Higher Ed was a change, but collection and privacy laws are similar, so it wasn’t awful. I really enjoy my job, and enjoy doing what we can to help students be successful – and fiscally responsible at the same time. My husband, Joe, and I have been married for 6 years. We both work at WSU Tech, and we also have three antique booths at a local antique mall. I guess you could call us ‘pickers’. It’s a good thing we like each other because we spend a lot of time together driving around to find treasures and interesting places to photograph. I am also a professional photographer. My favorite things to photograph are nature and inanimate objects. People in my photography association joke that I ‘don’t like people’. That isn’t entirely true. I’ve photographed weddings, seniors, and families, but I prefer something that doesn’t talk back. I became a grandma for the first time this year. It’s been an amazing 10 months of watching our grandson grow and our son being a dad. I can’t think of anything I’ve enjoyed more in my life.


  • Karen D Thompson, Member
  • A/R Manager, Accountant II
  • Pittsburg State University
  • Years with KASFAA: 17
  • Years in job position: 17

Why I joined the committee: Cashiers/Business Office/Financial Aid all agreed it is a great way to connect with others in the field of helping students and the university.

What does my position entail and what have I done for others and the committee? I work with Perkins, nursing and now NFLP loans, and all receivables due to the university, from tuition/federal refunds…to Quick Print jobs.  I also work very closely with our Financial Aid Office staff with the financial aid system. I have done a couple of sessions at KASFAA, and try to be available when possible to answer questions for other fiscal officers, et al.

I love my church, family, volleyball, scrapping/crafting with friends and READING. I have wonderful co-workers and we are a team! Go Gorillas!


  • Shirley Bader, Member
  • Loan Manager
  • Fort Hays State University
  • Years with KASFAA: 9                 
  • Years in job position: 16

Why I joined the committee: Broaden my horizons & share ideas with others about current best practices for Fiscal officer processes.

What their position entails/ what they have done for and with the committee: My position at FHSU has changed over the years but always with the goal of helping students, parents, other staff members, community scholarship donors and employers who are wanting to assist their employees in furthering their education. Helping students understand their Federal Perkins loan and Institutional loans has been the focus of my job for the past 9 years. Assisting students in understanding the enrollment process in regards to their community scholarships and third party billing has been rewarding as I have communicated with students from across the world.  Helping with the Workday implementation for our finance system has been a unique challenge and going forward working on the design and implementation of our student system will be equally fulfilling.

One of my first experiences in KASFAA was presenting on a topic relevant to the Federal Perkins loan program.  At the time, presenting was both terrifying & exhilarating. During my 9 years in KASFAA, I have served as the Fiscal Officer Chairperson, co-chairperson and committee member.  One of the Fiscal Officer chairperson responsibilities was serving on the Conference Planning committee and planning the Fiscal Officer track program for the Fall training and the Spring Conference.  It was rewarding to arrange for a variety of speakers for the Fiscal Officers track for KASFAA with the help of the committee members.  I feel that one of the exhilarating elements of the Fiscal Officer committee is the discussions between Fiscal Officer Members new to KASFAA and seasoned veterans, such as Keith Fitzsimmons.

A bit more: My husband & I are both from Oberlin, a town in northwest Kansas.  We have 7 children (his, hers & ours, in case you wondered) ages 31 to 13 and 6 grandchildren.  We own & live in a school house built in 1922 and converted into a home the 1970’s.  Our free time is filled with family time, home projects, and taking mini-vacations.


  • Ashley D Wolf, Member
  • Loan Specialist
  • Kansas State University
  • Years with KASFAA: 3
  • Years in job position: 3

In addition to her regular fiscal officer duties at KSU, Ashley coordinates the annual KSU Fiscal Officer workshop in Manhattan.

One additional Honorary Member is Keith Fitzsimmons from the KU Med Center. 🙂 After 33 years he just can’t help but hang around and wait for someone to ask him to help with something.

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