Greetings from your KASFAA Government Relations Committee!

With all financial aid professionals busy with the process of completing student files and generating financial aid offers for the 2020-2021 academic year (among other things!!), it is easy to look past the realities of how much influence we can each have on state and federal policy. Certainly we each wonder just how much of a difference one voice can make. This blog serves as a friendly reminder that your voice can and does make a difference. Just as you work with individual students and provide guidance that makes a difference one life at a time, you have the knowledge, tools and ability to advocate for your students in Topeka and beyond.

Not sure who represents you in the Kansas House and Senate? Go to where various ways to exist to learn more about who represents you and what is going on in our state legislature.

Elected officials are clearly busy people who often do not have the time to respond to questions, but these folks definitely do value input from their constituency. By communicating facts and figures about what a difference access to education is making in the lives of students in your community, you open doors to advocacy about the way we fund higher education and encourage Kansas students to stay in-state for college. Engage in conversation with your co-workers, ask student opinions as they come in and out of your office and take the time to send valuable pieces of such information to your elected officials so they can know more about the value inherent in educational funding.

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