Kibitzing with Kelly

Retired KASFAA Cub Reporter, Keith Fitzsimmons (KU Med Center), submits his reflections on the Proclamation signing…

This year, March has been declared as Financial Aid Awareness Month. Like its name, it is designed to promote all the many facets of the Financial Aid process for higher education. Each year, the Governor signs a proclamation to honor the event. This year the ceremony was on February 28th in Governor Laura Kelly’s office at the State Capitol Building in Topeka. The KASFAA group gathered in the waiting hallway along with many other groups involved with their own events. We were marshaled in by assigned numbers (we were number 5), about 1/2 hour prior to our scheduled 9:00 am time. We chatted among ourselves and met some folks from several of the other groups. Senior citizens to high school groups filled the hall that morning. When it was our turn, we entered the ceremonial office single file. Governor Kelly stood beside her desk and greeted each one of us personally. Diane led the way and gave an explanation of who KASFAA is and what was going on.

Being the polite gentleman, I was last in line. When it was my turn to greet the Governor, it went something like this:

Keith: Good Morning Governor. My name is Keith Fitzsimmons and I am the University of Kansas Medical Center. Governor, today is my last day of my 34 years as a State of Kansas Employee as I will be retiring tomorrow.

Governor: Well, Congratulations Keith! My daughter went to medical school at KU.

Keith: That’s wonderful. Does she owe me any money?

Governor: Well, she owes someone.

Keith: Good, Now we know where to look.

After the signing and several pictures from the half dozen photographers in the room, the Governor turned to me, handed me the signed proclamation, gave me the pen she used for the signing and said,

Governor: Keith, Here, you deserve this after such a career!

Keith: Thank you Governor. It’s been wild!

Keith goes to Topeka

As we left the room, I turned and waved to Kel (I call her Kel now) and we were done. A few more informal pictures along with a stroll through the beautiful Capitol building capped off a wonderful morning.


The Proclamation and the pen were confiscated by the others as I wasn’t really contacting eBay…Promise



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