2020 Award Recipients – Committee of the Year

Every President will state that it was a tough decision to make because everyone that serves on the board and in their committees gives their heart and soul in their efforts, for the benefit of their KASFAA friends. This year was no different. From the revamp of the website, to the overhaul of the membership and archiving, to the efforts made to providing additional trainings for our membership, there was no committee that was not worthy to called the Committee of the Year. Unfortunately a choice must be made. This year’s selection took the task of communicating who KASFAA is to a whole new level. We got to meet more of our board and committee members than we have done before. What better way to get to know your family than to have more information provided about them as individuals. I truly loved what they did and look forward to them continuing this direction.


This year’s KASFAA Committee of the Year is the Association News and Publicity Committee, chaired by Cindy Kleinsorge – JCCC. Her committee was made up of:


Bonnie Sandefer (Co-Chair) – KU

Keith Fitzsimmons – KUMC

Kim Murray – Allen County

Tanya McGee – KSU

Courtney Lockhart – WSU

Kelly Baker – Allen County

We thank you so much!! It was a blast ♥


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