Would You Be Our, Could You Be Our, Won’t You Be Our Volunteer?

Mister Rogers: A Neighbor before Neighboring Was Cool - Pittsburgh ...

Not sure which committee to volunteer for? 

Archive – are you sentimental, or do you like to throw things away/stay organized? This is the committee for you!

Association News & Publicity– are you a creative type? Do you like to get to know others or blog, or social media? You’ve found where you belong!

Conference Planning – calling all party planners!

Corporate Support – do you have a passion for fundraising? Step right up! This committee chooses the philanthropy project each year and organizes the fundraiser for the Spring Conference.

Finance – Do you like numbers? Want to make sure KASFAA is fiscally sound? We’ve got your number and it’s this committee!

Fiscal Officers – do you like to collaborate with others? Join this committee to brainstorm or provide training on fiscal/financial aid topics!

Membership – Data nerds and friendly types wanted! Members of this committee have the opportunity to keep the membership database clean and up to date, and/or welcome new members to KASFAA.

Outreach Training – Do you love teaching and sharing your passion for financial aid? Have ideas for innovative delivery of content to our partners outside of KASFAA? This committee wants YOU!

Professional Development – Do you have a passion for sharing information with your peers regarding your favorite financial aid topics? Content developers, instructional designers, and trainers…this is your committee!

Not sure if you have time to volunteer? Most committees require an average commitment of 1 hour per month. Click on a committee name above to contact the Committee Chair if you have questions about committee member responsibilities. 

Complete the form to notify KASFAA of your desire to serve on one of these committees! 

On behalf of KASFAA, a heartfelt thank you to all who have volunteered already and those who are filling out the form now. Every single one of you make KASFAA go ’round.

Darcy Johnson
2020-2021 KASFAA President

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