News from the KASFAA World

Hello fellow KASFAAns! I hope that you’re doing well!

Please indulge me a few minutes to share some KASFAA happenings with you.

The new KASFAA board took effect at the end of the transitional board meeting on April 16th. The 2020-2021 KASFAA board is:

Darcy Johnson – President
Diana VanDyke – President-Elect
Kristi Blevins – Vice President
Tammy Higgins – Treasurer
Angie Zeorlin – Treasurer-Elect
Melinda Harrington – Secretary
Crystal DeLong – Associate Member Representative
Tony Tanking – Past President
Rachel Touchatt – Archive
Bonnie Sandefer – Association News
Kelli Lowe-Heying – Corporate Support
Thad Davidson – Electronic Resources
Debbie Brewer – Finance
Denise Varrientos – Fiscal Officers
Mark Bandre – Government Relations
Trish Runion – Membership
Whitney Asher – Outreach Training
Robyn Brungardt – Professional Development

We had a board retreat back in March (possibly the only time we’re going to see each other F2F in 2020) and went over a lot of the housekeeping items. This allowed us to jump right in to work at the June board meeting, which was held via Zoom. At this meeting we approved the budget that had been proposed by the executive board and discussed nine action items. We also looked at the 2018-2021 Strategic Long-Range plan and discussed what goals/tasks each committee had as part of the SLRP (aka “slurp”).

In her role as President-Elect, Diana identified co-chairs and filled committee members spots from the volunteer forms we received. Several individual committee meetings have been held and, in my discussion with the chairs, they are excited with the ideas and energy of their committee members. I’m also very excited to the new ideas that come from some [necessary 2020] adaptation of previous offerings or work of these committees. Thank goodness financial aid professionals are known for their adaptability!

The board also has some extra duties this year, as we are tasked with developing the 2021-2024 Strategic Long-Range Plan. We have a planning meeting scheduled at the end of July, and input from the membership will be requested soon.

I’m very thankful that you all chose me to lead our wonderful organization this year, and I’m truly blessed with an outstanding board that’s going to make the task pretty simple!

If you know me at all, you know that I can’t sign off without sharing an Abby picture. I can’t decide if she’s finally adapted to me being at home all the time, is ready for me to go back to work, or just wishes that I would do my work in the recliner so she can sleep on me all day. I’m not sure she’s decided either…

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