Misconceptions & Misnomers of Volunteering – Pt 5

We are continuing to take a look at our wonderful KASFAA volunteers from across the committees. We are revealing their misconceptions and then what changed their minds.

Here are more of our incredible committee members …

2020 Volunteer I will - Baby Yoda | Make a Meme

Name: Kelli Lowe

School/Business: Credit World Services

Years volunteering: 2

Position(s) held/hold: co-chair, chair corporate support

Your misconceptions before volunteering: I was not aware there was a need. Also, reservations, as to if I would have time.

What made you do it anyway? I became aware of the need and decided I would just go for it.

Name: Diana VanDyke

School/Business: Butler Community College

Years volunteering: OMG I am not sure….10 or more years!

Position(s) held/hold: Chairs of several Committees, member of several Committees, Vice President and President Elect.

Your misconceptions before volunteering:  I did not think I had the knowledge, ability or experience to be an asset on a committee, let alone lead a committee or the organization!  I was also worried about the time commitment.

What made you do it anyway?  My boss pushed me to volunteer for a committee and it just escalated from there!  I have discovered that regardless of my prior experience or ability, KASFAA has such an amazing support system that you can succeed in whatever position you decide to go for.  And you can be as involved as you are able to be.  Even if it is only giving KASFAA a few hours a month.  It is just up to you!

We would love for you to participate in this series with us. Leave a comment below. Don’t forget to also include what changed your mind.

Along with this series we are including a call to volunteer. If something changes your mind or you find you relate to one of these stories feel free to head over to kasfaa.org/volunteer and complete our volunteer form. There are still plenty of spots open throughout our committees.

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