Check In with KASFAA – Making Lemonade

Hi KASFAA Family!!!

We understand how hard it is to continue to live in a pandemic world. These lemons sure are sour. Let’s take a moment to add a little sweetness to our day and share some lemonade.

Let’s share!!

Please share with us your favorite mask…

Kristina shows off her favorite florals (Manhattan Christian College)

While Janet shares a message from the heart (University of Kansas)

No matter what your theme, we wanna see it!! Share in the comment section below.

What about your most used or favorite Zoom background …

Like Monica’s living room from Friends!!

It makes you wonder if Alexis is working from KU or from NYC.

No matter if you are still working from home or back in the office, share with us your silliest and sweetest co-workers…

Gail – still working from home – shares her work space with the most adorable Iris, Gus, and Lou. And while she can’t wait to get back to the office, you can’t deny the adorable perks of home (University of Kansas)

I too am still working from home and share my makeshift office space with some furry characters (Bonnie – University of Kansas)

Give us an office tour (On campus or at home) – Show us your favorite part of your work space…

Genae shares her team spirit (Manhattan Christian College)

Kristina’s very calming and organized space (Manhattan Christian College)

Alexis’ favorite part of her at home work space (University of Kansas)

Your turn!!! Share in the comments below or on our Facebook page. I can’t wait to see what sweet lemonade your lemons help create.

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