KASFAA Outreach Training – Busting Unique Situations, DACA, & Foster Care Q’s

The Outreach Training Committee hosted their first training session on Tuesday, September 21st.  In this session, Yuliana Reyes, ESU, and Kimberly Cashman covered DACA students, foster care, and other unique student and family situations as well as how to file for federal financial aid.

More than 75 people joined the virtual training via Zoom and the committee has received excellent feedback so far from attendees. 

Throughout the year, the Outreach Training Committee will host a total of six training sessions and they will all be following an 80s movie theme!  Yuliana and Kimberly picked Ghostbusters for their movie and featured a few classic Ghostbuster monsters during their PowerPoint session.

There are five more trainings scheduled over the next several months and we can’t wait to see all of the 80s references they pull out! Check out the “Counselor Training” page under the High School Resources section on the KASFAA website for future dates and covered topics.

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