Meet the Candidates for President: Tanya McGee and Dori Roth

Tanya McGee, Associate Director of Student Financial Assistance at Kansas State University. Like many of you, I accidentally found this career. I simply needed a part-time job as a student, and somehow 25 years later, here I am. The initial appeal to this profession was the help, assistance and guidance that I could provide to students and parents. That same appeal remains today, coupled with the variety of tasks to complete and puzzles to solve. My institution has encouraged my participation in KASFAA, which I am grateful. I have served on a variety of committees throughout the years, including: Archive Committee, Conference Planning, Finance Committee, Welcome & Membership Committee, Training Committee, and currently, Professional Development Committee. I have also served as the Vice President twice (2004-2005, 2017-2018). KASFAA is a great organization with great members!

Hi! I’m Dori Roth. I am the Director of Financial Aid at Hesston College. I have worked in financial aid for over 8 years. I am honored and humbled to be considered for the role of KASFAA President. I have served on various committees in KASFAA including, Conference Planning, Membership, and have been a Mentor in the KASFAA Mentorship Program. I have been involved with RMASFAA in the Leadership Pipeline as a mentor, Summer Institute as faculty for two years, and am currently the Chair of Summer Institute.

I feel getting involved in KASFAA is not only rewarding, but beneficial. I feel it is important to encourage others to be involved in our state organization. When I started in this profession, I was encouraged to be involved and it’s been incredibly valuable in my growth in financial aid. My goal would be to help carry on the great traditions and help the growth or our organization. I want to help show the importance of dialogue and volunteerism, and to help others give back to our organization. I have learned from so many colleagues in this profession, and hope to help others do the same. The world of financial aid is complex, ever changing, and rewarding. I feel the relationships we build and the people we meet along the way, help us to become better in what we do in our profession and in our lives. Thank you for considering me for the role of President of KASFAA.

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