Why Volunteer?

Did you know 96% of people say that volunteering enriches their sense of purpose,


94% of people who volunteer say that volunteering improves their mood!

What can volunteering for a KASFAA Committee do for you?

  • Teach you a new skill
  • Introduce you to other Financial Aid specialists
  • Build your confidence
  • Create new opportunities through networking
  • Good for your health
  • Good vibes because you are giving something back

Check out our Volunteer Guide and all the different opportunities to serve within KASFAA!

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Raffle Prizes Needed!!!

We are just a week out from our Spring Conference and will be holding our raffle in honor of Bruce Lopez. The money raised will go toward scholarships at one or more KASFAA institutions!!!

Get creative!! Gift baskets, homemade/custom goods, tickets to fun events…we are excited to see what you come up with!!!


It’s that wonderful time of year, once again, to think about which committee you would like to be involved with for 2023-24!!!

Like many non-profit organizations KASFAA depends on volunteers and we need you to help keep our organization running smoothly and effectively.  Interested in helping? You can start by filling out this form!

Not sure which committee to volunteer for?  Check out the list below! Click on the committee to reach out to the Chairs/Co-Chairs with any questions you may have.

  • Archive – are you sentimental, or do you like to throw things away/stay organized? This is the committee for you!
  • Association News & Publicity– are you a creative type? Do you like to get to know others or blog, or social media? You’ve found where you belong!
  • Conference Planning – calling all party planners!
  • Corporate Support – do you have a passion for fundraising? Step right up! This committee chooses the philanthropy project each year and organizes the fundraiser for the Spring Conference.
  • Electronic Resources – love technology? Help maintain our website and provide technical support for our annual conference.  
  • Finance – Do you like numbers? Want to make sure KASFAA is fiscally sound? We’ve got your number and it’s this committee!
  • Fiscal Officers – do you like to collaborate with others? Join this committee to brainstorm or provide training on fiscal/financial aid topics!
  • Membership – Data nerds and friendly types wanted! Members of this committee are responsible for the membership database welcoming new members and maintaining our KASFAA mentorship program.
  • Outreach Training – Do you love teaching and sharing your passion for financial aid? Have ideas for innovative delivery of content to our partners outside of KASFAA? This committee wants YOU!
  • Professional Development – Do you have a passion for sharing information with your peers regarding your favorite financial aid topics? Content developers, instructional designers, and trainers…this is your committee!

KASFAA’s Got Talent: Searching for a Musical Act

Do you have musical talents? Do you sing or play an instrument? Care to share this talent with your fellow KASFAA members? You would have the best audience ever!!

The Spring Conference is searching for talent! The committee is looking for a musical act for Friday morning at 9:30. Please contact Trish Runion at trunion@mccks.edu for details! We know our members are amazing and look forward to featuring your talents outside of financial aid!

BONUS CONTEST: Look at the 5 memes below with lyrics. The first 3 people to send in the correct song title and artist will receive a $10 Amazon gift card!! Email answers to kristina.blanck@mccks.edu


I would like to give a big shout-out to Sicilee Shannon from Manhattan Area Technical College!! Recently, my director was unavailable and I had a VA student who needed immediate help. Not only did Sicilee help me understand his situation, she went above and beyond and spoke with that student. He was very appreciative and so was I for her time, support and knowledge!

Do you have someone to thank or recognize for their help? Remember to email your Friday Shout-outs to kristina.blanck@mccks.edu so we can recognize our amazing KASFAA members!!

2023 KASFAA Award Nominations!!

The KASFAA Awards subcommittee is now accepting nominations for Deborah Byers Outstanding Service, Bruce Lopez Meritorious Achievement, Hall of Fame and Rising Star awards. The specifics of each award is below, nomination forms can be found at, https://www.kasfaa.org/awards.php.

Deborah Byers Outstanding Service Award is presented to recognize the outstanding contributions of an individual in the field of financial aid through sustained contributions to KASFAA. The Board may select one member or associate member each year.

Bruce Lopez Meritorious Achievement Award is presented to an individual who has made either an important single contribution or significant multiple contributions to KASFAA or the profession. The individual does not have to be a member of KASFAA. The purpose of this award is to encourage members to become involved in carrying out the mission of the Association and to encourage continued individual support to the financial aid profession

The Hall of Fame Award is the highest award made by KASFAA. It is not mandated that this award be given each year and more than one person may be recognized in a given year. This award can be given to any person who has contributed significantly to the financial aid profession for a minimum of fifteen years.

KASFAA Rising Star Award provides recognition to an individual member with fewer than 5 years of experience in KASFAA who shows promise for future contributions to the association or the financial aid profession. This individual has demonstrated quality performance through their passion for their work while exemplifying the professionalism and dedication to the mission of KASFAA.


Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond, or simply stepped up to lend a hand when you needed it? We want to know! KASFAA is full of such people!

Tell us about them! Each Friday, we will post weekly KASFAA Shout-outs to show appreciation to some of our amazing members!

As always, thank you for ALL that you do!!

Email kristina.blanck@mccks.edu