A Peek Inside KASFAA – KASFAA Secretary

The role of the Secretary for KASFAA is pretty straightforward.  You document of the important discussions/ideas and voting actions of the Board of Directors and Business Meetings.  You post the minutes first as pending and then as approved.

Nothing about this position is what you might conjure up when thinking about duties of the old-fashioned secretary.  There’s virtually no filing, no mailings to prepare, no coffee to pour, no schedules to keep for your boss, and no answering the phone and “pretending” your boss has just left the office.

No, it is nothing like that.  You are a contributing member to the team who keeps our organization running efficiently.  You have a voice, you can help implement change, you what you do matters, and  you are helping record our history.

I would encourage you to consider running for this position.  It is a great way to be involved, so when you are asked to be on the ballot, say yes, because you want to be the person who receives a couple of boxes of envelops and stationery, just in case.  Did I mention that we don’t do mailings?

Elaine Henrie

A Peek Inside KASFAA – Awards Committee

The Awards Committee consists of members:

Darcy Johnson, Chair

Lacey Ledwich, Co-Chair

Dianna Bunker

La’Lisa Coley

Donna Fisher

Diane Lindeman

Randell Venderweide

We have collected nominations for the Deborah Byers Outstanding Service Award, Meritorious Achievement Award, and Hall of Fame Award. Those were voted on by the Board at the winter board meeting.

We will also be presenting Years of Service Awards and Retirement Recognition at the awards ceremony at Spring Conference.

Our fun-loving committee began collaborating via conference calls in February to start writing the script.

– Darcy Johnson, Awards Chair

A Peek Inside KASFAA – Association Governance

As Chair of the Association Governance Committee, which is tasked with the following (taken from the P & P):

Association Governance Committee – Membership of this committee consists of the three immediate past presidents, the current president and president-elect. The responsibilities of this committee include:

  • Annually review the Association by-laws and Policies and Procedures Manual. Propose any changes necessary to keep both documents current with the needs of the Association
  • Present by-law change proposals as directed by Board of Directors
  • Certify that any by-law changes are in accordance with state and/or federal regulations governing that Association’s corporate status
  • Conduct the nomination and election process for officers of the association
  • Solicit nominations for election of officers from membership
    • A ballot for election of officers ideally includes a full slate of candidates for each vacant office
    • Collect and publish information about each nominee before elections
    • Coordinate and implement election (refer to Election section)

At this time of year, it is important for the Board to review its Policies, Procedures and Timelines to make sure they are accurate.  This is an important part of the leadership process as this provides the most-up-to-date information for the incoming Chairs and Officers to be able to function effectively.

Tony Lubbers, Chair Association Governance