A Peek Inside KASFAA – Association Governance

As Chair of the Association Governance Committee, which is tasked with the following (taken from the P & P):

Association Governance Committee – Membership of this committee consists of the three immediate past presidents, the current president and president-elect. The responsibilities of this committee include:

  • Annually review the Association by-laws and Policies and Procedures Manual. Propose any changes necessary to keep both documents current with the needs of the Association
  • Present by-law change proposals as directed by Board of Directors
  • Certify that any by-law changes are in accordance with state and/or federal regulations governing that Association’s corporate status
  • Conduct the nomination and election process for officers of the association
  • Solicit nominations for election of officers from membership
    • A ballot for election of officers ideally includes a full slate of candidates for each vacant office
    • Collect and publish information about each nominee before elections
    • Coordinate and implement election (refer to Election section)

At this time of year, it is important for the Board to review its Policies, Procedures and Timelines to make sure they are accurate.  This is an important part of the leadership process as this provides the most-up-to-date information for the incoming Chairs and Officers to be able to function effectively.

Tony Lubbers, Chair Association Governance

A Peek Inside KASFAA – Finance Committee

Each month, the Finance Committee Chair reconciles the bank statements with the checking accounts in QuickBooks.  Once you’ve figured out how to operate QuickBooks, this is a pretty easy task to get done!  In addition to reconciling the accounts, the finance chair also keeps in close contact with the KASFAA Treasurer to make sure everything is running smoothly.

The Finance Committee recently gathered all of the documents needed for the external review done by our accountant.  Each year KASFAA does either an external or an internal review and this year was the year we did an external review.  The external review went well and a few suggestions were given to help improve and strengthen operational and administrative controls.

Kaley Williams, Finance Chair